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Ferry Hopping - Bergen to Praha

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Date: 12th December 2017

Time: 21:00 UK Time

Server: ETS2 Europe 2 (if it says too many in queue wait a 30-60 seconds and refresh)

DLC required: Scandinavia for 1st part, none after that.

Starting City: Bergen

Starting Point: Sea Port

Destination City: Praha

Convoy Route: Bergen - Oslo - Esbjerg - Rotterdam - Duisburg - Frankfurt Am Main - Praha

Schedule: Meet at 21:00. Departure time is 21:15 sharp!!  15 minutes allowed for getting trailers and deciding convoy order.

Description: We're back with another public convoy!  No paint job or tag requirements just bring your favorite truck!  We are now going to run to a tight schedule so please ensure you can keep up as we won't be waiting for people to catch up!  You'll be able to rejoin the convoy at one of the stops.  More info below.  Tomorrow's convoy will be in ATS.  Following yesterday's relatively good time keeping this time our stops will be timed.

Additional info:  We will depart Bergen at 9:00pm UK time.  The next stops are below, stops are to allow for bathroom/food breaks and any repairs/refuelling.  Departure times below.  Stop will be for 2 minutes if we are running late.  I haven't timed the whole journey but my estimate is 4 hours.  Stops:

  1. Oslo Sea Port - 22:30
  2. Esbjerg Sea Port - 22:50

We will take the ferry from Esbjerb to Hull then immediately from Hull to Europoort.  Time is allowed for slower computers.

  1. Rotterdam Europoort - 22:55
  2. Duisburg Depot (NOT Service as we won't all manage to leave service at the same time) - 00:00
  3. Frankfurt Service - 00:20
  4. Praha Service - 01:00

Convoy ends in Praha.  If you don't have Scandinavia DLC join up us in Rotterdam.  If you don't like the busy section (Rotterdam to Duisburg) you can leave us in Europoort and drive an alternative route to Frankfurt and rejoin us for the last leg of the journey.

Rules: Follow all TruckersMP rules and follow all instructions given by ROADKING staff and drivers.  The following rules also apply:

  • No overtaking - keep the place assigned to you.
  • Obey traffic lights.
  • Speed limits: Motorways (highways) 120 km/h (74 mph).  Country roads ROADKING staff will tell you the speed based on the road.  Cities/towns 70 km/h (45 mph).  The speed limit is also the cruising speed.  Bring a truck capable of managing this on a flat road, or you will not be able to keep up (all trucks can manage this speed with a normal load and the Allison 6 speed gearbox).
  • Use job market not external contracts - convoy speed limit is higher than 90 km/h.
  • No heavy cargo DLC jobs - you will not be able to keep up.
  • No delivering cargo along the way, pick a cargo that has a long time limit so you can deliver it after the convoy.
  • If you fall behind, don't worry you will catch up at the next stop.
  • Keep distance a safe distance from the truck in front.
  • Use one lane so we don't block traffic and risk being disciplined by TruckersMP admins.
  • No cars other than pilots.
  • No beacons other than pilots.
  • Join Discord (convoy voice channel) or enable CB on default channel (19) to hear directional instructions.

Paint job: No paint job requirement for drivers who are not in the ROADKING company.  ROADKING drivers wear ROADKING colours Only ROADKING drivers are allowed to have ROADKING tag or colours unless specified in convoy details.

Tag: No tag requirements.  We will note names before we start.




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