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  1. Deer RadKing > From TwoTwoPilots

    You accuse me of abusing my powers...when I created the VTC in the first place, and therefore created those powers...great logic there, mate! Anyway, I never actually did shut down the VTC but it seems that's what Papa and Lowz want!! You talk about professionalism but don't bother to proofread your post as it's full of spelling and grammatical errors. I only threatened to close down the company because no one was listening to me and most drivers, managers and admins had begun taking me for granted - I wanted to provoke a reaction, and it seems to have shown me who actually cares about me as a human being and not just an online presence! How many times do I have to tell you, I didn't ban you from the forum, I deleted your account! There is a difference! I did not start RoadKing to turn it into Viva Trucking, which is what you guys seem to want. I banned you from the Discord because, when I was banned for insulting Lowz after he provoked me and Chiba on TMP, you came into the Discord to gloat. I don't like people gloating at others misfortune (especially my own!) so that's why you are banned. When you grow up maybe you can reapply.

    I was annoyed that you left RoadKing without warning. I didn't ban you I deleted your account, I should not have done that. You are welcome on the forum as long as you do not post any spam.
  3. RoadKing Livery Poll

    Current livery: Previous livery:
  4. Unscripted

    Date: Saturday 13th January 2018 Time: 7:00 PM UTC Server: ETS Europe 2 DLC Required: Scandinavia Going East! Vive la France! Italia High Power Cargo Pack Heavy Cargo Pack Starting City: Bansk√° Bystrica Starting Point: Tree-ET Wood Destination: Unknown Convoy Route: B. Bystrica to Destination Unknown Schedule: Meet at 7PM UTC, choose next destination and leave by 7:15PM UTC. Description: Those of us who watch The Grand Tour, will know Episode 4 of Season 2 was named Unscripted, and saw the team meet up in Croatia and make the rest up as they went along. So this is ROADKING's version! We will meet in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia, since Croatia is unavailable. We will then choose the next destination (one per driver in attendance - all drivers, not just ROADKING drivers). Each driver will choose one destination until everyone has chosen then we will finish the convoy. Please use the ETS2 Sync - I've updated the link to the latest version that supports Italia DLC. This means we won't waste time looking for jobs to your chosen destination. Additional Info: This is an unscripted convoy, so there is no route or schedule but convoy rules still apply. Each driver will lead to their destination, but must follow the convoy rules. The convoy will be streamed live on YouTube so do bear this in mind. Rules: Follow all TruckersMP rules and follow all instructions given by ROADKING staff and drivers. The following rules also apply: No overtaking - keep the place assigned to you. Obey traffic lights. Keep a safe distance from the truck in front. Use one lane so we don't block traffic and risk being disciplined by TruckersMP admins. No beacons other than pilots. Use ETS2 Sync to sync our jobs together. Cars are allowed this time, because it's unscripted as are trucks without trailers. But anyone breaking convoy rules will be left behind, and anyone breaking TruckersMP rules will be reported. Jobs: Jobs will be chosen as we go along. (See description) but use ETS2Sync - NO World of Trucks Jobs and no unsynced jobs!! Paint Job: Only ROADKING drivers are allowed to have ROADKING colours unless specified in convoy details. No requirements. Tag: Only ROADKING drivers are allowed to have ROADKING tag! If you are a ROADKING Driver, keep the tag the same. Other drivers No requirements, it's unscripted after all! Map (no route, just to help you find the the starting point):
  5. Random Driving

    https://www.twitch.tv/videos/212390730 Check out 2 hours of me driving randomly, crashing and chasing AI cars! All in a winter wonderland of snow!
  6. Gifts

    Here are my three Xmas trucks, repainted into Crystal Dimension, RK style! This will be a new livery option for ROADKING drivers once TruckersMP is updated to support it. At present the server will kick you if you enter with this paint job. Also, trialling the use of a simple custom trailer. Not decided between violet, white and black, also still looking for a dark purple one. Kinda reminds me of this:
  7. ATS

    I'll try and think of some interesting convoys for ATS and it would be good if everyone would too. If you have friends that play ATS or friends that would buy it let them know that our VTC is in there too. I'll probably be streaming the Xmas Gift deliveries in ATS in Multiplayer, possibly after Xmas (maybe it's the unwanted return or the big boxes are now empty!), as I want to stream some different games today.
  8. Q Web on YouTube and leyland80b on Twitch

    Please check out my Q Web channel on YouTube - link is at the top of every page (click the YouTube logo) and my Twitch channel. I'll try and stream on both everyday, not just TruckersMP/ETS2/ATS but other games too. I'll stream every time I play which is most days, so there should always be something new. Streaming is easier than recording, editing and uploading so most of my gaming videos going forward will most likely be from streams, but I'll upload "traditional" videos from time to time, and certainly any non-gaming videos will most likely be done in the normal way. Here's my latest from each platform:
  9. Happy Holidays: Gifts are Ready to Deliver!

    Lovely Scania S there! Nice touch how you've put the purple on the tyres.
  10. Gifts

    The Scania S in Christmas livery outside the supermarket Kaarfor (Carrefour) in Limoges; you can watch the journey here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211922616. I've reached 4/6 in Tier 2 but I'm yet to see the accessories or desktop background from Tier 1. Any tips?
  11. Gifts

    It's great to see everyone, making full use of the forum!! Please invite your friends to the forum - it's for everyone, not just ROADKING drivers, and not just gamers! There are sections about computers, cars etc, which need to be posted in! I'll start posting there too!
  12. Gifts

    I've also been busy being Santa's Little Helper! I opted for buying two special Christmas liveried Mercedes - one old shape 4x2, one new 8x4. I also drove a standard ROADKING Scania R, while the Mercs were being repaired after Calais - Duisburg rammings. Then today I decided to add a Scania S 4x2 to the Christmas fleet. Check out the photos of the two Mercedes and the ROADKING standard Scania, and the one of the live streams which shows the ROADKING Christmas Scania. Follow me on Twitch and check out the other streams here. I'll be streaming for another hour or so from now. The Christmas liveried truck will be repainted in to one of the Special Paint Jobs once I unlock them. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/211605256
  13. Pollar Express

    This is great - thanks for uploading it, we'll all be able to look back at the fun and crazy moments. Someone wanted to see my argument with that guy in Sweden/Norway.
  14. The Polar Express

  15. The Polar Express