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    Ready to host a convoy? Thanks for choosing the Q Web | Forum for posting your convoy! To make this easier I've made this little app that takes you through each option for the convoy (some are optional, some are necessary). The app will tell you if you've left something blank that shouldn't be! It doesn't take much room but will need the.NET Framework but Windows will download this for you if you don't have it. When you use the app set the convoy time in your local time because it will convert it to UTC for you. The app will save your convoy in a file called convoy.rtf on your desktop (you won't see the ".rtf" if you haven't turn on show file extensions) which you can open and copy-paste from WordPad/Word/OpenOffice etc into the forum as a new post. You can then fix the colours, and bullet point etc or you can do that in WordPad/Word/OpenOffice etc before you copy-paste. I hope this makes it a bit easier to post new convoys - any issues with the app you can post a reply here. Q Web - ROADKING Convoy Template.exe
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    Date: 12th December 2017 Time: 21:00 UK Time Server: ETS2 Europe 2 (if it says too many in queue wait a 30-60 seconds and refresh) DLC required: Scandinavia for 1st part, none after that. Starting City: Bergen Starting Point: Sea Port Destination City: Praha Convoy Route: Bergen - Oslo - Esbjerg - Rotterdam - Duisburg - Frankfurt Am Main - Praha Schedule: Meet at 21:00. Departure time is 21:15 sharp!! 15 minutes allowed for getting trailers and deciding convoy order. Description: We're back with another public convoy! No paint job or tag requirements just bring your favorite truck! We are now going to run to a tight schedule so please ensure you can keep up as we won't be waiting for people to catch up! You'll be able to rejoin the convoy at one of the stops. More info below. Tomorrow's convoy will be in ATS. Following yesterday's relatively good time keeping this time our stops will be timed. Additional info: We will depart Bergen at 9:00pm UK time. The next stops are below, stops are to allow for bathroom/food breaks and any repairs/refuelling. Departure times below. Stop will be for 2 minutes if we are running late. I haven't timed the whole journey but my estimate is 4 hours. Stops: Oslo Sea Port - 22:30 Esbjerg Sea Port - 22:50 We will take the ferry from Esbjerb to Hull then immediately from Hull to Europoort. Time is allowed for slower computers. Rotterdam Europoort - 22:55 Duisburg Depot (NOT Service as we won't all manage to leave service at the same time) - 00:00 Frankfurt Service - 00:20 Praha Service - 01:00 Convoy ends in Praha. If you don't have Scandinavia DLC join up us in Rotterdam. If you don't like the busy section (Rotterdam to Duisburg) you can leave us in Europoort and drive an alternative route to Frankfurt and rejoin us for the last leg of the journey. Rules: Follow all TruckersMP rules and follow all instructions given by ROADKING staff and drivers. The following rules also apply: No overtaking - keep the place assigned to you. Obey traffic lights. Speed limits: Motorways (highways) 120 km/h (74 mph). Country roads ROADKING staff will tell you the speed based on the road. Cities/towns 70 km/h (45 mph). The speed limit is also the cruising speed. Bring a truck capable of managing this on a flat road, or you will not be able to keep up (all trucks can manage this speed with a normal load and the Allison 6 speed gearbox). Use job market not external contracts - convoy speed limit is higher than 90 km/h. No heavy cargo DLC jobs - you will not be able to keep up. No delivering cargo along the way, pick a cargo that has a long time limit so you can deliver it after the convoy. If you fall behind, don't worry you will catch up at the next stop. Keep distance a safe distance from the truck in front. Use one lane so we don't block traffic and risk being disciplined by TruckersMP admins. No cars other than pilots. No beacons other than pilots. Join Discord (convoy voice channel) or enable CB on default channel (19) to hear directional instructions. Paint job: No paint job requirement for drivers who are not in the ROADKING company. ROADKING drivers wear ROADKING colours. Only ROADKING drivers are allowed to have ROADKING tag or colours unless specified in convoy details. Tag: No tag requirements. We will note names before we start. Maps:
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    Hello here is the long awaited ROADKING livery and game tag guide: Please use either the Canopy or Heavy Duty Universal paint jobs in ETS2 (all current trucks have Canopy, Heavy Duty Universal depends on DLC). Please use either the Divided or Stripe/Striped/Stripe Paintable/Waves paint jobs in ATS (all current trucks have Divided the other one depends on the truck). You should match the colours exactly by comparing your screen to the screenshots below as you apply the paint job then save the two purples as presets for easy use later. The white is just the top left corner (whitest white). UPDATED (17th January 2017): As suggested by Lowzy, instead of using our tags to display our VTC affiliation (the fact that we are in a VTC), we will now use our TruckersMP usernames. This will allow the tag to be used for information or personal message/slogans as normal, such as "LAG", "KEEP DISTANCE", "twitch.tv/leyland80b" and others. The format will be as follows: Add [ROADKING/##]- at the start of your username. ## is your driver number assigned when you joined, check your PM if you joined after January 2018. You can add anything non-offensive of your choice after the number. Example: If your username is leyland80b and your driver number is 01, you would change your user name to [ROADKING/01]-leyland80b. To change your TruckersMP username, visit this page. Your LEFT plate (as you are facing the truck) in the truck window must read ROADKING. The right plate is optional. Follow the order of the colours as shown. Any variation should not use ROADKING colours to avoid confusion - in other words if you want to drive with a different paintjob it counts as a custom paint job and should not use ROADKING colours, but the ROADKING plate is still required to identify you as a ROADKING driver. Custom paint jobs should be used less frequently (about 10-15% of the time) and never in convoys or events, unless explicitly stated. You are free to customize the other parts of your truck as you please. No offensive licence/registration/number plates either on the truck or in the window. Euro Truck Simulator 2 Canopy Heavy Duty Universal Plate example - ROADKING on left, QUATERNIA on right. Right plate is optional. American Truck Simulator Stripe Divided Stripe Paintable Waves Plate example - ROADKING on left, KHALIFA on right. Right plate is optional.
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    Date: Saturday 13th January 2018 Time: 7:00 PM UTC Server: ETS Europe 2 DLC Required: Scandinavia Going East! Vive la France! Italia High Power Cargo Pack Heavy Cargo Pack Starting City: Banská Bystrica Starting Point: Tree-ET Wood Destination: Unknown Convoy Route: B. Bystrica to Destination Unknown Schedule: Meet at 7PM UTC, choose next destination and leave by 7:15PM UTC. Description: Those of us who watch The Grand Tour, will know Episode 4 of Season 2 was named Unscripted, and saw the team meet up in Croatia and make the rest up as they went along. So this is ROADKING's version! We will meet in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia, since Croatia is unavailable. We will then choose the next destination (one per driver in attendance - all drivers, not just ROADKING drivers). Each driver will choose one destination until everyone has chosen then we will finish the convoy. Please use the ETS2 Sync - I've updated the link to the latest version that supports Italia DLC. This means we won't waste time looking for jobs to your chosen destination. Additional Info: This is an unscripted convoy, so there is no route or schedule but convoy rules still apply. Each driver will lead to their destination, but must follow the convoy rules. The convoy will be streamed live on YouTube so do bear this in mind. Rules: Follow all TruckersMP rules and follow all instructions given by ROADKING staff and drivers. The following rules also apply: No overtaking - keep the place assigned to you. Obey traffic lights. Keep a safe distance from the truck in front. Use one lane so we don't block traffic and risk being disciplined by TruckersMP admins. No beacons other than pilots. Use ETS2 Sync to sync our jobs together. Cars are allowed this time, because it's unscripted as are trucks without trailers. But anyone breaking convoy rules will be left behind, and anyone breaking TruckersMP rules will be reported. Jobs: Jobs will be chosen as we go along. (See description) but use ETS2Sync - NO World of Trucks Jobs and no unsynced jobs!! Paint Job: Only ROADKING drivers are allowed to have ROADKING colours unless specified in convoy details. No requirements. Tag: Only ROADKING drivers are allowed to have ROADKING tag! If you are a ROADKING Driver, keep the tag the same. Other drivers No requirements, it's unscripted after all! Map (no route, just to help you find the the starting point):
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    Thanks to everyone who voted for the Scania Streamline as the truck for the convoy. Use the ROADKING colours. Remember your lights need to be on AT ALL TIMES for the duration of Winter in game. For the duration of the convoy we will use the trailer shown in the screenshot below. Don't worry about damage - please just keep the trailer so we all match. I've picked this trailer because it's from a company I don't see being used in game often, and it ends in Bergen so will be easier to deliver at the end of the convoy. Plus its only 3 tonnes so the weight shouldn't affect truck handling so much. Please use ETS2Sync so you can see the trailer in the job market. Please use any version of the trailer EXCEPT Schwarzmuller as we don't all have this DLC, and I'd like all our screenshots to show the lovely AgroNord green - a hint of summer in a sea of winter! Remember to collect the trailer from Esbjerg about 30 - 60 mins before the convoy to allow you time to drive it to Aberdeen. I've also added a map to show the quickest route to Aberdeen from Esbjerg. The event is in the Christmas Convoy server, which is already open. I'll join about an hour before the event (possibly earlier) - see you there!
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    BONUS!!! I've found this sound mod that works with multiplayer - it's not a must that you download it, but it enhances the V8 sound of the Scania (it's for other trucks too but I've only tried the Scania as shown in the video -not my video): Download the file in the description, extract it and copy EnhancedTruckSoundPlugin.dll file and EnhancedTruckSoundPluginData folder to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x64\plugins folder on your PC. If you don't see a plugins folder create a new folder and name it "plugins". If you don't have this folder copy them to: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\bin\win_x86\plugins. If you don't see a plugins folder create a new folder and name it "plugins".
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    Vote here for the truck we should each be driving for The Polar Express. This time it's 1 truck per vote so hopefully we won't need another tie breaker. If it's a tie, management will have to decide on the truck. Winning truck will be announced here and in our Steam group.
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    was a good run out apart from my dodgy sat nav
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    Thanks to everyone who attended. This was our first timed convoy and we managed to run ahead of schedule! We will continue with timed convoys as it allows people to plan ahead.
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    Yes, there will be. You can also plan one if you like
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    I have seen this convoy being organized by TruckersMP staff, and I think it would be a good for all ROADKING drivers to be in attendance with matching trucks. http://truckers.events/event/573-The-Polar-Express! I've made a poll so we can all vote on which truck we should use, which should be in the new ROADKING colours. In the meantime, please register for this event so we can all try and drive following one another with our matching trucks, paintjobs and "ROADKING" gamer tags! View the poll here (the old poll could not be updated).
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    Current livery: Previous livery:
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    I can't vote for some reason. I vote to keep current. I don't think the light blue goes well with the purple.
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    The Scania Streamline is the winner!!
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    In order to make our convoys more organized everyone should download this little app that helps sync jobs. To clarify, I did not make this app, I'm only sharing it here! This will get rid of the issue of everyone having a job going to a different company or city. Read the changelog: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4/releases Or skip straight to the download: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4/releases/download/v5.4.0/ets2sync_helper.zip How to Use (copied from readme): Setting Up: Open ETS2Sync Helper and select the game (ETS2 or ATS). Look in the “Game Settings” panel. If there is a message in green saying “Settings OK”, like the screenshot below, you're all set. Scroll down to Syncing. If the message is yellow or red, you need to do this: Make sure the game is closed. This won't work if you do it with the game running. In ETS2Sync Helper, in the “Game Settings” panel, in the “Save Format” line, click “Set to ‘Text’”. The yellow or red message should turn green and say “Settings OK”. That's it. Now your game is set up for syncing. Syncing: Open ETS2 or ATS if it's not open yet. In this example I'm using ETS2 as it's the most common one. Go to the main screen (if you are driving, hit Esc). Click on “Save & Load” → “Save Game”. Type a name for the save or select an existing save to overwrite it (you'll usually want to do this). Click “Save”. If you clicked an existing save, click yes to overwrite. Hit Alt+Tab to minimize the game. Open ETS2Sync Helper if it isn't already open. Make sure the correct game is selected in the “Game” option of the “Game Settings” panel. Make sure the correct profile and save are selected in the “Select ETS2/ATS Profile” and “Select ETS2/ATS Save” panels. Select all the DLCs you own. See screenshot below for steps 8-10: Click “Sync Jobs”. It's the one highlighted in blue below: When the message “Sync Complete” appears, click “Close”. It will look something like this: Go back to the game. Click on “Save & Load” → “Load Game”. It may bring this warning. Usually it doesn't but if it does click yes. Select the save you just synced (the one you created/replaced in step 4). Click “Load”. See screenshot above. Check the Freight Market. If all jobs have the same time to expire (“Offer expires in”), and it's about 400 to 500 hours, then the sync was successful. You should see something like the screenshot below, notice how the "Offer expires in" are all the 500 h 0 min in my case - yours maybe a bit different, but it will always be 400 - 500 hours. Important Note! You will need to do this syncing process again if you do any of the following: F7 To Service Quick Travel Change Trucks/Buy a Truck Get Teleported by an admin It may look like a lot to remember but after syncing a few times, you'll find it easier to remember. How to Use for a convoy: Job list changes every Wednesday at 0:00 UTC, so if convoy crosses that time, the job list will need to be synced again if you want drivers to choose new jobs. Once you have decided on the route for your convoy and have synced your jobs, open the freight market. Look for jobs from your starting city to your destination city. If there are none look for jobs to a city on your route (one of your stops, if you have planned stops) and go to step 3. (optional) Check the jobs from the city you picked in step 2, and look for one going to your destination city. If there are none repeat the purple part of step 2. Make a note or screenshots (screenshots are best) of the job(s) you've picked in steps 2 and 3. Add this under the jobs heading for your convoy.
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    Only so I can add it as an event in the Steam group. Just make a topic in this section and copy-paste from this post.