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Monday, October 22, 2018

“Hi there,

Q Web is a YouTube channel, and Internet community.  We make videos on topics such as gaming, tech and travel. Our forum is a great place to discuss all things, gaming, tech and travel.

Current and future YouTube videos and other news will be featured on the in this site, be sure to click the social links below and like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel and check us out on Google+.  You can also follow Q Music on SoundCloud, and check out the Q Music website!

Q Web also has its own community discord you can join, there are friendly staff, ad-free music and much more. RoadKing (our partner, a virtual trucking company) also has its own discord you can join, if you have TruckersMP you may apply there. You should also join RoadKing’s VTC Safety Officer’s discord, there’s alot of things in there including ad-free music, economy game and a toasty bot to troll friends!

Thanks for visiting Q Web!”

Michael M, Q Web Proprietor

Stefan M, Q Web Developer

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